First time in Nepal since 2000 in the support of SCI under the Needa grant, NHS can able to introduce the policy advocacy program for creating enabling environment to implement the harm reduction program in the community for IDU and FIDU. During the three year project period it can able to develop in formulating National Harm Reduction Policy 2002 and successfully submitted to National Center for AIDS and STD Control (NCASC) for approving by cabinet.

For the first time in Nepal since 2004 in the support of Action Aid Nepal, NHS initiated a hotline and counseling services in an effort to provide a comprehensive HIV/AIDS activities targeted to most at risk population for HIV and general public especially focusing to youth and adolescences to provide accurate information and support.

First time in Nepal since 2005 in the support of UNODC, India under the ROSA project, NHS initiated HIV prevention, treatment, and care support program implementation targeted to FIDU inmates in prisons of country. Similarly in the year 2005 first time in Nepal, NHS was also started policy advocacy program for HIV prevention, treatment and care support program targeted to MSM and MSW/TG under the support of UNDP Nepal and it can successfully able to create an enabling environment to smooth implementation HIV comprehensive services in the open society of MSM and MSW/TG in the country. 

Since 2009, NHS also initiated a comprehensive HIV package in the different prisons of the country under the Global Fund support program targeted to MSM/MSW/TG inmates. Similarly since 2011, NHS furthermore started HIV targeted intervention program under the Polled Fund of World Bank. During the five years program in different prisons of the country, NHS provided the following services to its targeted stakeholders.

  • More than 1000 inmates trained for peer education
  • More than 20,000 inmates provided for BCC services by trained peer educators
  • More than 18,000 inmates oriented and sensitized in the issue of HTC, STIs and Harm Reduction
  • More than 5000 prison inmates tested for HIV through HTC mobile camps.
  • 46 inmates identified HIV positive
  • 1310 inmates diagnosed and treated for STIs
  • More than 1500 inmates educated on condom education in side prison
  • More than 150 inmates provided for PHC services
  • More than 500 female inmates trained for capacity development training such as tailoring, beautician, embroidery and kitchen gardening.
  • More than 1000 male inmates trained for computer training course, stool/chair making, bakery courses.
  • More than 200 female inmates trained for basic and intermediate English speaking course
  • More than 200 orientation and sensitization advocacy program organized in the issue of HIV/AIDS and prison targeting prison management unit and security personnel.
  • More than 100 national, regional and district level advocacy organized to policy authorities , MARPS groups, PLHIV, civil society, media personnel in the issue of HIV/AIDS in prison setting.
  • More than 100 dependent children of FIDU provided support for nutrition and education
  • More than 100 PLHIV and TB inmates provided support for nutrition and health
  • More than 100 sports and entertainment event organized to the prisoners
  • World AIDS Day, International Drug Day, World Suicide Prevention Day, Prison Day, Condom Day observed annually
  • YPN annual news bulletin published and distributed

Similarly NHS worked for safe migration of HIV targeted to abroad labor migrants (ALM) and provided the pre departure orientation to 7391 labor migrants. Similarly 21494 condoms distributed to ALM.NHS also works for sensitization activity in electronic media. It extensively utilizes the aid of electronic media in dissemination fact and information through open discussion and interaction program on its targeted fields among the stakeholders.Strengthen networking and coordination also key achievement of NHS to make the successful outcome of programs. It was smoothly implements programs with close cooperation and collaboration with different ministries of Nepal government such as specially Ministry of Home Affairs, Ministry of Health and Population, Ministry of Education and Sports, Ministry of Women Children and Social Welfare, Ministry of Population and Environment, Ministry of Local Development, Ministry of Labor and Industry, Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation, Ministry of Information and Communication, Social Welfare Council, National AIDS Council, Nepal Harm Reduction Council, UN agencies, Nepal Olympic Committee, Nepal Sports Federation against Drug and HIV/AIDS, I/NGOs, Media and Private sectors in Nepal.Training and research: NHS organized various essential training programs for capacity building of its partners NGOs, CBOs, stakeholders and target groups to enhance their knowledge, skills and attitude for life skill training, leadership skills, management, monitoring and evaluations, proposal writing, report writing, fund raising and others related trainings as per need based support with the guidance of specific training manual on various rights based health and soial issues. Furthermore, NHS undertake various researches to identify and assess the exact situation of issues and need assessment study in the field of drug and substance abuse, STI, HIV/AIDS, Sex education, suicide, population and environment, education to ensure the Implementation of evidence-based programs for efficient and effective results.