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Nepal Health Society is a nationally recognized non-government, apolitical and non-profit making social organization working for improvement in peoples' lives through united efforts of community health. It was registered in 1991 under Narcotics Control section of Ministry of Home affairs and is affiliated with Social Welfare Council (SWC) of Nepal. Since then, it has been actively working as a pioneer in the sector of drug Abuse prevention, prison health promotion and prison reform, HIV/AIDS/STI prevention and care programs and safe abroad migration as well as suicide prevention and research.
After years of extensive working experience in the field, Nepal Health Society (NHS) gradually stretched its scope covering other relevant issues. For the purpose, NHS took lead in advocacy, lobby and policy reform primarily focusing upon welfare of prisoner's health promotion. Programs on poverty reduction, implementing partners networking, abroad study pre- departure orientation, foreign employment pre- departure orientation and services for HIV testing and STI diagnosis and treatment, suicide prevention & research and international visitor's facilitation are the major areas where NHS has been presently working. With extended branches throughout country, it works with an extensive network of various local NGOs, CBOs and community groups. NHS is committed to its continuous efforts and dedication in order to address the specific problems faced by the vulnerable groups. It also has strong network of national implementing agencies including NGOs, CBOs and community groups.
Moreover, NHS strongly believes that international co- operation is an integral part for national development. For the reason we aim at building a forum for interested and benevolent people from around the world who would like to contribute in our efforts. It seeks support from various international agencies, individuals, governmental and non-governmental donors for the humanitarian cause aimed at uplifting the living status of people at real need of support for the optimum development of our society.

VISION: Improve lives and living condition of people.

GOAL: Build a prosperous and healthy society where each individual can obtain their optimum development.


1. To advocate, co-ordinate, facilitate and lobby for improvement in various emerging problems rerated health in Nepalese society
2. To provide prison health promotion and prison reform programs for improvement in the health of prisoners and their economic development.
3. To facilitate safe migration and safe workplace through pre- departure program to abroad labor migrants
4. To provide pre- departure orientation program in order to help students understand and adopt in foreign countries.

5. To facilitate international visitors for successful conduction of their planned events and programs in Nepal.
6. To advocacy and lobby for drug abuse prevention and harm reduction program
7. To provide reproductive health program targeted to youths

News/ Events

Interaction Program on Sexual Health on the occasion of International Condom Day 2016

 Each year, the International Condom Day is commemorated on February 13. In observance of International Condom Day seeks to promote the use of condoms as a means of preventing unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted infections (STI's).  It is an informal observance celebrated in conjunction with Valentine's Day.  

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Narrative report of world suicide prevention day 2015

  Background of Issue
According to the recently released World Health Organization (WHO) report: Preventing Suicide: A Global Imperative, over 800,000 people die by suicide across the world each year. The report notes that this estimate is conservative, with the real figure likely to be higher because of the stigma associated with suicide, lack of reliable death recording procedures,

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